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Who are DELTA 7?

Delta 7 are a band based in Eastbourne, UK.

Harry – Singer, hype-man, and charmer.

Craig – Singer, rapper and dance extraordinaire. 

Mikey – Beats man, DJ and animal lover – he is compassionate and outspoken about inequality and unfair politics.

David – Piano player, realist. Keeps the band in-line.

Lucy/Speedy/Cosmic – Guitarist, drummer, dog. Lucy created the characters Speedy the Greyhound and Cosmic the Collie to be mascots for the band. 
Elliot – Guitarist, joker, lover of anything loud. 
Fraser – Super talented drummer, outspoken about mental health.



More information can be seen at www.cultureshift.org.uk


And the band can be followed on Facebook (@Delta7band) and on Instagram (@delta7cool)